Christmas holiday timesheet deadline

Please be advised that the office will be closed for the holidays between 25th December 2018 and 2nd January 2019


Timesheets/Holiday forms for Week Ending Timesheets/Holiday forms deadline Paid on
16/12/18  10am Monday Morning 17/12/18 Friday 21/12/18
23/12/18  10am Thursday Morning 20/12/18 Friday 28/12/18
30/12/18  10am Wednesday Morning 02/01/19 Friday 04/01/18
06/01/19  10am Monday Morning 07/01/19 Friday 11/01/19

Early submissions of timesheets/holiday forms are advised and these are all at the discretion of all line managers.

It is the responsibility of each candidate to ensure their completed timesheets are approved by their manager, and are forwarded to Jobline so we can add into the week’s payroll.

Happy holidays from the Jobline Staffing team

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